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Economic game with the withdrawal of money.

This is a virtual farming game. You can buy fields and grow wheat, corn, beets, lilacs, barley and oats on them. The grown grains and vegetables are used to feed animals in pens.

There are only six types of corrals in the game: chicken coops, pigsties, cowsheds, hives, sheepfolds and stables. Each animal gives its own product, which can later be sold in a retail store or used for processing in factories and food production in bakeries. Food is needed to replenish the energy that is needed to perform activities in fields, pens, factories, etc.

The game provides for a system of trading products between players, for example, you can buy animal feed from other players, thereby speeding up the production of the final product.



ПоляThe fields can be grown: wheat, corn, beets, lilacs, barley and oats.

Each plant has its own ripening time. The ripening time can be reduced by using fertilizers. Fertilizers can be produced in factories or bought in the store. Each action - sowing, fertilizing and harvesting, takes up a certain amount of energy.



The pens contain animals, a total of six species: chicken coops, pigsties, cowsheds, hives, sheepfolds and stables.

Each pen can accommodate 9 animals. To obtain products, animals must be fed after a certain time. After you have fed the animal and the required time has passed, you can collect the products.



Factories are used to process animal products. There are 7 types of factories and related products in total. Factories: flour, dough, minced meat, cheese, honey, mittens and fertilizers.

Each type of factory is available at a specific level of your development. One factory can process 100 units at a time. products.



ПекарниBakeries can produce food such as pies, cheesecakes, and honey cakes. Food is needed to replenish the energy needed to perform various activities on your farm.

Products for food production can be bought in a retail store, or you can go all the way of production from growing feed to processing the necessary products.


This is an educational virtual online game with unlimited possibilities. A game that makes it possible to feel like a real farmer. A project that does not stop for a minute is constantly updated and improved. Here you can not only play, but also find interlocutors.

This is a game, but it encourages you to think about your actions, to make decisions, what to develop, in what ways to earn money, in other words, to build your own development strategy. Here you will feel the excitement, adrenaline and a sense of competition.

Each of the players decides for himself what to buy, what to produce and what to do, in fact.

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