Calculator and bonuses

29 November in 21:34
Dear Farmers, for your convenience, a profit calculator has been added to every page of pens, factories and bakeries. The calculator is located at the very bottom of the page. To calculate, you need to enter the required number of pens, factories or bakeries and you will receive complete information on costs and benefits. If the calculator does not work for you, clear the browser cache or refresh the page with a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F5

In our group on Vkontakte we have posted promotional codes for 14 days of a premium account and 10,000 units. experience. The number of promotional codes is limited. Do not forget to subscribe in the same way so as not to miss the draws, which will be held only for subscribers of the group.

New affiliate program and bonuses

17 November in 21:58
Added the second level of the affiliate program, now you get 15% from referrals of the 1st level and 5% from referrals of the 2nd level. Now the reward from the 1st level referrals is credited to the balance for withdrawal, and you can immediately withdraw them.

Added links to forums in the Advertising materials section where you can upload screenshots of payments. Every week everyone who uploads screenshots will receive bonuses. You can also create topics on other thematic forums that are not in our list and informing the Administration about it in those. support get a bonus.

If you have your own website, community in social. networks or a channel on youtube, ready to cooperate, we will provide you with individual conditions (increased referral percentage) or a bonus on your gaming account.

Also subscribe to our community on Vkontakte, where we will issue promotional codes and hold sweepstakes. You can find a link to the community in the account menu, at the very bottom.

Due to the fact that loans are no longer issued and the percentage of monthly profit has been significantly increased in the game, those who took out a loan are requested to pay them off before 11/20/2020, on the specified date, the interest on the loan will be increased in accordance with the current profit from 20% to 36%.

Bonus 10% on deposit

09 November in 18:32
From November 9 to November 16, you can get a 10% bonus to your account for purchases, when you top up your balance in the amount of 300 rubles or 4$.


02 November in 23:10
In the new update, the game interface has been slightly changed. Added the ability to exchange products for sale for products for processing directly in the barn. Added a new way of making money - Futures. Futures have their own reserve so as not to disturb the well-balanced economy of the game. The percentage of profit was also increased again.

If the site is displayed incorrectly, please clear your browser cache or refresh the page with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F5

Double experience

18 October in 12:21
From October 16 to 25, a double experience is set for harvesting in the fields, collecting products from pens, factories and bakeries. We wish you a pleasant game.

Loans and profit allocation

11 October in 14:19
Dear Farmers! The game now has the opportunity to take a loan, you can read more on the loan application page by going to the "Balance" - "Get a loan" section.

As previously promised, the profit was recalculated at factories and bakeries, earlier it was less than the profit received from the corrals. Now the profit from factories is from 15% to 19%, from bakeries from 21.5% to 24% and from a fertilizer factory 25%. The purchase cost of some factories has been temporarily reduced.

The percentage of partner remuneration has been increased from 10% to 15%. Previously, you only received rewards for buying fields, pens, factories, and bakeries. Now you will receive a reward immediately when your partner refills the balance.

In the near future, we will also add a profit calculator for your convenience on the pages of pens, factories, bakeries.

If you have any suggestions for improving the mechanics or interface of the game, write, we will consider each suggestion.
For any questions, please contact those. Support, always happy to help!

Bulk actions with premium account

27 September in 22:06
Added the ability to perform mass actions in fields, pens, factories and bakeries. To use this feature, you need to purchase a premium account. The premium account costs only 3000 credits. In the future, the functionality of the premium account will be expanded, we will add many different features and options.

We also have a CHAT, come in, chat, have a nice time.

Surfing sites

06 August in 12:03
Dear Farmers! Surfing sites appeared in the game, now you can earn even more without investments. We wish you a pleasant game and high profits.

Automatic payments

24 July in 10:01
Dear users, all payments have been switched to automatic mode with instant crediting to your e-wallet.

Perfect Money

23 July in 12:04
Added the Perfect Money payment system. We also inform you that in the near future will be added automatic withdrawal to Perfect Money, Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex Money and other payment systems. If you are not satisfied with payment systems for deposits or withdrawals, please contact us in support of which payment system you would like to use and we will try to add it.

Experience as a gift

17 July in 20:39
Dear users, at your request to increase activity, when registering immediately issued level 5 account. This promotion will last until August 1. All users who have registered previously can get an equal amount of experience by using the promo code EXP760. This promo code is only valid for users who registered before the promotion started.

Mobile device

12 July in 21:06
Dear users, the site is fully adapted for mobile devices. if you see any incorrect information displayed anywhere (the text goes outside the block or screen), please let us know.


11 July in 14:24
Added the Payeer payment system.

We opened up

10 July in 15:46
Each farmer is provided free of charge: 1 field, 1 pen, 1 chicken and 100 energy units. We wish you a pleasant game. We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions on the game.
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